About the Online Course:

The Fundamentals of Personality Diversity online course will allow you to become a practitioner of Equilibria’s core tools – the E-Colors and Personal Intervention. These tools will essentially enable you to achieve better results by becoming more
intentional in your actions and interactions, ultimately helping you to realize your potential by effectively managing
personality diversity. By attending this online course, you will:

  • Better understand, work with and influence your work colleagues and professional network.
  • Develop your personal effectiveness by leveraging your strengths and managing your potential limiters to advance in your career.
  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships by taking a win/win approach to communications.
  • Reduce your level of frustration caused by people you find difficult to understand.
  • Better understand, communicate with and manage your relationships with your family members.
  • Improve your ability to coordinate efforts with multiple stakeholders.
  • Enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace through deeper understanding of personalities.

What others are saying:

“I am now able to build upon my strengths and manage my potential limiters and this has helped me enormously.”

“I now understand why people do what they do and this has removed the anger and frustration from my job.”

“As a team, we now know each other better. There is less conflict and we are much better at communicating now.”

“I now realize why I was so shy at school. I am now finding my voice through Personal Intervention and learning to speak up.”

“I used to view the world through my own eyes. I now understand that I need to view it through other people’s eyes too.”

“I have become a better leader now that I understand personality diversity. I understand my team much better and we are getting significantly better results.”

“I now get on with my son. For 20 years we have not seen eye to eye. We realize now how our personalities were preventing us from understanding and accepting one another. Thank you Equilibria.”

Regular Price: $200 USD per person

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There is a limited number of online seats for each session. Please book now to confirm your attendance.

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